Portfolio > Old Dreams - December 2021

Oil on canvas
185cm x 125cm
Tall Grass
Oil on Canvas
61cm x 92cm
Familiar, unfamiliar place
Oil on Canvas
40" x 48" 121cm x 101cm

Old Dreams - Heath Nock

Old Dreams is a series of 15 oil on canvas paintings and 5 synthetic polymer on paper works that position themselves in an unrevealed period of time in an unknown, but vaguely familiar and nostalgic landscape.

I started the works in May of 2021 and produced most of the paintings during Sydney’s lockdown. The figures started as sketches in my book, and made their way onto the larger and more fully formed works.

The landscapes are inhabited by skeletal genderless figures, migrating across the canvas with gestural movements that are heavily influenced by the rhythms and structure of the music I listen too, they are a visual representation of what I was hearing and how I felt at the time.

The urban scapes show figures which are more fleshed and sophisticated in form, evolved in shape and speak to the way I feel about inhabiting the city, they are a little uneasy and perplexed.

Old Dreams is open to the public on the 10th and 11th of December at The Sinario ,Hibernia House, Sydney.