Bio / CV

Heath’s multi-disciplinary practice which includes tattooing and painting, references personal narratives, traditional tattoo culture and contemporary tattooing. Often his work has the capacity to be playful and acerbic at the same time, incorporating traditional tattooing techniques and non-traditional imagery, he mashes up visual cues ranging from Disney and Keith Haring. Color underscores the identity and meanings in Heaths work and his practice as a whole. With a background in tattooing spanning over 15 years, more recently Heath’s work has crossed a bridge into painting still life and landscape scenes while a nod to his skills as a draughtsman is apparent.

Selected exhibitions/campaigns
Punk Rock Paintbrushes Gallery, 2020
Rage II campaign, Bethseda Games, 2019
How we Hennesy, Hennesy campaign, 2018
‘Lucky’ Poster commission, Jameson Whisky, 2018
Sea is for change, Paste Studios, 2012
Give Hear, LoFi Collective, 2011

Parliament House Sydney. Sydney, NSW, Australia

The good book, 2014
Great Unknown, 2013